Choosing a Shampoo for Dog Grooming Services: Some Basic Tips

Have you thought about what type of shampoo you use on your pooch? You’d be surprised to know that many people use human shampoo or even dish washing liquid to clean their dogs! As a professional provider of dog grooming services in New York City, Curley Care uses only the highest quality dog shampoo that we believe will help make your pooch healthy and happy.

Shampoos Designed for Fleas and Ticks

Dogs are often prone to flea and tick issues, and if you notice that your pooch is scratching and biting more than usual, you might have a flea or tick problem on your hands.

Petco has some great tips on what type of shampoos should be purchased to get rid of ticks and fleas. Dog grooming shampoos used for this purpose normally contain chemicals that help kill pests and protect the dog from insect problems in the very near future. Keep in mind, however, that shampoo only helps kill fleas and ticks on a short term basis, and should be used with other, more permanent medical solutions.

Shampoos for Sensitive or Dry Skin

Similar to shampoo for humans, some shampoo used for dog grooming services is produced for dogs with dry or sensitive skin.

When looking for these types of products, make sure to read the label carefully. They should contain Aloe Vera, vitamin E or something similar. You should also stick to shampoos that are unscented, as the chemicals that produce the smell might contain agents that will further irritate your dog. If the shampoo does little to solve your pooch’s sensitive skin problem, there is likely and underlying medical issue that should be examined by a veterinarian immediately.

Shampoos for Puppies

Similar to human babies, puppies need to be washed with shampoos that are produced just for them.

These types of shampoos are normally formulated to be more sensitive to young skin and won’t contain some of the chemicals that are used to wash older dogs. Puppy shampoos should also be used on younger dogs because they don’t cause eye irritation, making the grooming experience more pleasant for both you and your pooch.

Properly grooming a pooch can be a difficult task, especially if your dog’s coat is thick or if your pooch matte’s easily. Contact Scott today for your free quote! Curley Care’s dog grooming services are affordable and will help keep your apartment clean and free of that wet dog smell that we all love so much! 🙂