NYC Dog Walking Services: How Your Pooch Can Exercise During the Winter

Winter is almost upon us and that means heaps of snow and tons of cold weather. While it might be nice to stay inside all day and enjoy the warmth of some hot chocolate, your pooch still needs to feel some fresh air and get some exercise. Along with affordable NYC dog walking services, Curley Care offers the following winter time exercise tips that are perfect for every city pooch:

Teach Your Dog New Commands

Also known as “targeting”, try spending some time teaching your dog how to follow new commands.

First, have your dog touch its nose to the back of your hand when you say a specific command. If they learn this well, it will be easier to control your pooch when they become distracted outside and start barking at other dogs. It will take several days before your dog will learn how to do this, but with enough practice, they’ll follow your lead like it was second nature.

Next, teach your dog how to sit, stand, lay down and roll over. If your pooch never learned these commands when they were younger, it will be more difficult to teach now, but not impossible. During these short daily sessions, make sure to guide the dog into the position you desire, and, if they perform well, give them a healthy treat.

Dogs Love Obstacle Courses

Even though your New York City apartment is probably smaller than most normal size bedrooms, you can still find a way to create a short yet fun obstacle course for your pooch.

Do this during breakfast and dinner time. Build a small obstacle course between the dog and their bowl of food, and let them find the way with their nose. Your dog will enjoy the physical activity they get from this while you can save yourself from boredom during those long snow storms.

Always Keep Your Dog Prepared for Dog Walking Services

It’s very important to keep your dog physically prepared for their next round of dog walking. You can contact Scott directly if you have any questions about your pooch and how Curley Care dog walking services can help keep your pooch in great shape.