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Dog Training NYC:

A Well-Behaved Dog is a Trained Dog

Our best friends are a big responsibility in many ways. Sometimes we need a little help with seeing the best way to teach them. Asking for dog training NYC help isn’t admitting defeat, it’s a moment of admitting you want help with a complex family member you love and want to be healthy.

Dog Training

Affordable NYC Dog Training on an hourly basis.

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$450/10 Hours

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Q: What Method of Training Does the Trainer Use?

A: We believe in positive reinforcement training.

Q: Is it Ever Too Late for Training?

A: It is never too late for training but the younger the dog the better, and repetition is key.

Q: How Important is Training To My Dog's Health?

A: Understanding your dog and how to react to its behavior will lead to less stress for you and the pooch.  Not only will this be good for the pooch but it will benefit you as well.

Q: Is Training Guaranteed?

A:  There is now way to guarantee 100 percent from one session or ten sessions.  The most important part of training is the follow up of what the trainer taught you about your pooch.