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Dog Walking NYC:

Our Affordable and Friendly Dog Walkers

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Rain or shine, our dependable walkers will be there to take your dog out for the fresh air they deserve. The needs of each owner and his or her dog are taken into consideration when creating a customized plan. Dog walking no longer has to be an expensive service for New York City residents.

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Q: How Much Time Do I have to Cancel a Walk?

A: Three hours before the walk is enough time for us.

Q: If I need a Walk Immediately, Can I Get One?

A: We probably can and would love to accommodate you.

Q: What Happens During Bad Weather?

A: We will be there to walk your dog. Please leave a towel for us when we arrive.

Q: How Do You Get Into Our Apartment?

A: If you are in a building that has a doorman that checks keys in and out that’s one way. If you want us to keep a set on us all the time that’s the other. If you would like us to keep keys we ask for two sets (one for the primary walker, one for the backup).

Q: How Many Walkers Will Walk My Pooch?

A: 99 percent of the time one walker. If the primary walker is sick or needs to take a day off we will have a backup.

Q: How Quickly Can You Start?

A: After you fill out the form above I will know the best walker to help you.  I will be in touch with information about the walker and meeting them.